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Sunday, February 19, 2017


Next month AC/DC  is going to give a concert in Pamplona.There are opinions for and against the concert, and everyone has a strong argument.

On the one hand, some people think that this concert is a good thing to attract people to Pamplona. This people are going to eat and drink in local restaurants, they are going to buy souvenirs and they are going to sleep in different hotels. 

On the other hand, others believe that this concert is going to attract weird people and they are going to cause problems in Pamplona. Besides, they think that this music is not very nice.

In conclusion, in my opinion this concert is a good idea because AC/DC is a great and famous band. I disagree with the people who think that this concert attracts weir people because everybody loves AC/DC.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

How will you be in 2018?

I in 2018 will be at 4 eso. My family be healthy I will continue doing athletics club hiru herri where'll reach the championship team Spain. We go on holiday to Barcelona to watch play football club Barcelona to a final champion league. En studies better than me now passing all my parents will be happy for my notes, my family gives me give you enhorabuena. Me seguiré carrying with compañeros my class very well and if I change class also very bien. Me me take like me meteria entoces estudiaria machines with technology and if there is it so that most resembles the following year and so I'd get to make a first degree and be able work in a factory mechanics like my father.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017



I went to Africa on holidays five years ago with my family. In the first day , I went to visit new places with my family. We were walking along the beach . In the morning , I worked with my sisters, we organized our house work in the house . `

In the morning , I went to cofee shop with my uncles then I went to Luba . In this place I stay with my family.This day has a great day.

In the afternoon , I took photos with my sisters.Later, I played football with my friends in the stadium of Malabo.

At night, I had dinner with my family and then I watched TV with my parents.
Then, I went to bed.

Resultado de imagen de africaResultado de imagen de guinea ecuatorial lubaImagen relacionada

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Barcelona is my favorite city. It is the largest city in Spain and the most visited by tourists, both Spanish and foreign. It has many things to do and very different. To me what I liked most is the port and the countryside FCBARCELONA, then its theaters which are the trivori theater, great lyceum theater located in the rambla, coliseum. I also liked its monuments that are gaudi, the holy family, the Barcelona town hall, the park guell, the monastery of pedralbes and la Cathedral. I look forward to returning to that city and continuing to know their places.

Friday, February 3, 2017

graffiti,is art?

Graffit,is art?

Many people says that graffiti is not art,the say is a form of vandalism because many young people uses graffiti to paint

Have you ever gone white water rafting?

Iker Antuñano


This summer i went to Cantabria with mi famili. we went a lot of things.
one dai we went to the sella riber in cannoa, we rent two cnnoa with two people, in the price  ther is not onli the cannoa is a transport and lunched.

We estarted 

How my mobile phone and myself changed

Resultado de imagen de photo mobile ancient

It is true that life changes a lot during our teenage and childhood. When I was younger, there were only landlines at homes and nobody had a mobile phone in the 80s in Spain.

When I was 20 years old, First mobiles appeared in shops and they were big, thick and with an aerial. You need a suitcase to carry them and when you were using them you used to shout as you were in the space and not only in the area. Of course, it was very expensive and only for bussiness people.

First time I had a mobile was just before I went to England in 1996. It was the size of a landline with a small aerial, but now I am using a Smartphone.

My first mobile phone

My first mobilephone.

Resultado de imagen de samsung con tapa

My first mobile phone was a samsung,the model was the E100.The mobile was a trash,I didn´t like because it only had a 2 G of internal memory.
I got it because my parents bought it for me in my twelfth birthday.I remember that they gave me in the morning,then they gave me more presents like a rc car.
The only thing that I liked was the games, My favourite game was the tetris.That mobile phone didn´t have any type or gadgets, apps or anyhing like that.
I used it for calling my friends at the weekends.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Marcos Padron Kayak


 Resultado de imagen de kayak
It is distinguished from canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle. The word kayak originates from the Greenlandic lenguage. The kayak is small and narrow watercraft. When I was in four of primary I went to excursion to Zuatza and there I ride in a kayak.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Have you ever been to Liverpool?

Resultado de imagen de liverpool ciudad
Two years ago I went to Liverpool with my brother and my cousin. It was my favourite trip of my life.
Liverpool is a vintage city with a wonderful history. It is the city of the Beatles, one of the most famous bands in the world. I visited the Beatles museum, I saw the glasses of John Lennon, the piano of Imagine song.
Liverpool has got a beautiful and delicious gastronomy. I visited the Anfield stadium. It was great. The only thing that I don't like was the transport, it is so crazy. My favourite food of Liverpool was the pizza of Albert dock. Albert dock is an ancient dock with a very interesting history.
Anyway, Liverpool is marvellous and great.




I went to England two years ago with my family. England is beautiful and wonderful.
It is more extensive than Italy. In the morning, I went to visit the Victoria and Albert Musem. This museum is very big and there are many squares. This experience was very interesting and amazing.

Later I went to a coffee shop with my mum and my cousin. I finished the day, I went back home and I had dinner and I went to sleep.

On the second day, I went to Buckingham Palace. In my opinion the palace is not very pretty for me.
Later, I went to the park with my little cousin.

This trip has been  a very nice and exciting experience. The most of like it is the museum because I like the art. And the best moment is when I was with my family.

My adventure trip to New York

My adventure trip to a country.

When I travelled to New York with my family and my dog I was very nervous and excited because I was waiting for this moment all my life.
Getting off the plane, I took all things and we went to the floor to rent my mother for a month. I was practicing a little English but it was not very good.
There we went to have dinner at a restaurant and there served the typical food that were grilled steaks, tacos,etc... I liked a lot because they were very rich.
To me what I like New York is that there are many lights at night and it is nice and romantic and what I like least is that there is a lot of dirt and it is very dangerous.
On that trip I could see my friend's child Alvaro, he is from Ecuador just like me but I came to Spain(Pamplona) and he, a few months later, went to New York.
Also I saw a beautiful park whre there were plants and flowers that I have never seen.
Also I love my neighbor Samir, he is very handsome with brown eyes and brown hair, he was my same age.
One day we were in the Park and just across the bridge with a few locks we put our names and engaged it there but the bad thing is that my uncle had an accident and had to leave before to Pamplona and the goodbye was very sad.



I went to Morocco in 2012. I went by caravan and crossed
the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry. I went with my family and friends.

We visited many places. We went from a camping site to another.
I can't remember many names of those places but I remember this names: Tanger and Marrakech. That trip helped me think because I saw many children have a hard life and made me think about.
The first day I arrived we went in a bar and saw a man hit another with a pot on his head, I was scared a lot. A person told me they did this because were nervous, because it was Ramadan time.
I would go again to those places.

Have you ever been to Paris?

                                     My trip to París

 Resultado de imagen de paris disneyland Paris

I went to Paris on 21 of August in 2015. I flew over the Eiffel Tower.
I went by bus to Disneyland Paris, it has an amzing show and a lot of attractions too.
My favourite attraction is the Space Mountain  and I hate the Buzz Light Year attraction.
One Wednesday we spent the time going to a lot of attactions. Later we saw the carriage and the parade of the Mickey Mouse Show, the part of the film of Antmant. 
At night we saw a very funny show in the Disney Land castle, then we went to the hotel because we were tired.
On Thursday we went to Disney Studios and we saw the statue of Disney's founder with Mickey Mouse. That day was raining , but we spent time going to the most powerful attractions like "Guitar Mountain" or "Ratattouille". Finally we had dinner in a decorated restaurant similar to Agrabah, the city where Aladdin was born.
On Friday, after we had breakfast, we went to Disneyland Show, a Frozen's carriage (Anna and Elsa).
At night we saw a very funny show with horses and they formed some teams (red, green, blue and yellow), we were from the green team.
The last day we went to Dineyland for the last time we went to the Free Fall, like an elevator. 
We went to the airport and we played cards while we were waiting for the plane.
I enjoyed so much that I would like to return another time.


Have you ever tried skateboarding?

In my childhood I started going skateboarding with my friend, in my city or in the skatepark of Antoniotti.

I practiced skateboarding for 3 years and I gave up because this extreme sport is very difficult.

I love this extreme sports because it is very beautiful and you get adrenaline with new tricks.

Resultado de imagen de skateboard trucos
Resultado de imagen de skateboard trucos

the best skater at the moment is Kilian Martin.

Kilian Martin is from Madrid, he is 23 years old, he started skateboarding with 16 years.

Resultado de imagen de kilian martin


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