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Monday, March 20, 2017


  In 2030 the world will change a lot. Pamplona will be so different because of the new technologies: The houses, shops, buildings... will be more modern.
The clothes will be also different, and mobile phones, computers, TV and other electronic things will be more advanced.

  People will like rugby more than football, because rugby is a better sport.

  I will be 29 years old, and I will be a profesional rugby player. I will win the gold medal at the Olympic games.

What will life be like in the future?

My future predictions for 2030

To be honest,I think that the future will be bad. If today the world is polluted, we will have a lot of political problems,a lot of deforestation...I don't know how life will be, but I will make some predictions:

1.The percentage of electric cars will rise,in this way the pollution will be reduced.
2.Many of animal species like the  hippo, the monkey ...will become extinct.I don't like this, it's very sad.
3.I will have a good job as a store manager.
4.I will travel all over the United States in a caravan with my best friends.(It's my dream)
5.The NCAA team North Carolina Tar heels will be the world champions of the university league.
6.My family will live happily and proud of me.

These have been my most important predictions for 2030.                                          

What will life be like in Pamplona in 2030? Mamen Hernández

In thirteen years I don’t think that my city will change so much, it will have its evolution obviously, but nothing very impressive.

I think we will see new things such as more modern, faster and more environmentally cars, I hope it will reduce the annual number of accidents thanks to its evolution.

I also think that the clothes will change,there will not be the same styles like now.

There will be new buildings that will be aesthetically different, with unusual shapes, striking colors..etc

Society will be hopefully better, not as nowadays that there are many prejudices, canons of beauty, stereotypes and social fears.

I also hope that politics will change and they will stop stealing money and the crisis will end.

I think that technology will have advanced enough, and hopefully the medicine too, so there will be fewer deaths and illness.

And speaking of myself, I'll be 29 years, I hope i wll have my studies and a job, my house and I will continue with my boyfriend.

How will life be in 2030?

Resultado de imagen de coches voladoresIn the future the cars won't use petrol. We will use flying cars with batteries.
Houses will be intelligent houses because you will be able to programme all the household appliances.
We will live in peace and there won't be any war in the world.

Mobile phones will work in our body, and people will live in Mars.

In the future I don't know where I will live. I will get a job in a workshop. I will definitely learn to drive a car, I definitely won't go to university, because I'm going to study electomechanics at a vocational studies college.

Perhaps I will buy a house and I will have one or two dogs at home. My car will be a flaying car with battery. Maybe I will get married and I will have children.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


In 2030, I think that there will be many changes in the world.
The first thing I think of, is that there are going to appear new technologies and transports and maybe new animals. The clothes will have many changes.

Secondly I think, there will be changes in politics and society will be very different.

The cars may be driven without a driver and there will be fewer accidents.

Hopefully. there will be fewer wars, injustice and I hope the crisis will end.

And to finish with, my life will be different because I will be 28 years old. I will be already working and I will be living alone in my house without my parents and also I will have a boyfriend.


Many people criticize the graffiti, because it is painted on the street and most people don't consider it art this because make the streets dirtier.
On the one hand, there are people that consider graffiti a way to decorate the street, which can become something beautiful and attractive to see. Moreover, in my opinion it is something nice when the graffiti is not extravagant or exaggerated.
On the other hand, most people don't like that kind of art, some don't consider it art. People think that graffiti just the streets are dirty. Moreover, in my opinion I think that extreme graffiti can become ugly.
In conclusion, in the centre of a city graffiti should not be painted, because most people don't like it. But in the outskirts of the city there may be graffiti.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Abstract Art


Resultado de imagen de arte abstracto
The abstract art is cool and different to other types of art and this art is brillant.

On the one hand abstract art is cool because it makes you think about what can be like a fourth iron puetos you can consider it as being a duck but another person can imagine that it is a dog and it is something that worths money and people like.

On the other hand this type of art is a bit strange and there are people who do not like them at all because it is different from others because they do not do things in concrete. This type of art is very strange.

This art is cool and different from other types of art.

Resultado de imagen de arte abstracto

Graffiti is an urban art

Today I am going to talk about the urban art of graffiti.
there are arguments for and against,and everyone has a strong opinion.

On the one hand people like graffiti in their town because 
graffities are beautiful and very difficult.
There are a lot of competitons and people raise money for the local economy.
Resultado de imagen de graffiti

On the other hand people don't like graffiti because the walls get dirty and if they want to delete they have to pay a lot of money.
Resultado de imagen de graffiti borrando

In my opinion I like graffiti because it's really beautiful and I enjoy walking around streets where I can see lots of graffiti.

Resultado de imagen de el mejor graffiti del mundo en papel

Have you ever tried snowboarding?

When I was a child I went snowboarding with five years.

Resultado de imagen de snowboard

I liked to do snowboarding very much, but I came to live in Zizur Mayor and I didn´t do any more snowboarding.

This is Scott Stivens, the best snowboarder in the world.

I wanted to go to a motocross Red Bull  race. But I didn´t because my grandfather had cancer.

Friday, March 10, 2017

How mobile phones changed myself

I have the Samsung Grand Prime.

Resultado de imagen de samsung grand prime
Resultado de imagen de clash royale

I bought this mobile phone in Mediamarkt in La Morea.
It cost one hundred and seventeen euros.

I usually use to meet with my friends and play different games:
Clash royale, tiger ball and a social networking site, Instagram and facebook.

The screen is big, more gigabates and the best camera of Samsung´s mobile phones

    The mobile phone didn´t have disadvantages

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What will life be in Pamplona in 2030?

Resultado de imagen de pamplona 2030

In 2030, I can imagine Pamplona as a very different place as now.

I imagine cars will work with organic waste and solar energy, as they can charge the car engine while you are at home or at work.

There will be a concept of  life in which people will have better values. I would also love that people would talk  to each other more instead of through their mobiles all day.

I wish there would be chairs you could sit and you could go everywhere you want in a few minutes or hours, like by a plane now.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017



I went to Africa on holidays five years ago with my family. In the first day , I went to visit new places with my family. We were walking along the beach . In the morning , I worked with my sisters, we organized our house work in the house . `

In the morning , I went to cofee shop with my uncles then I went to Luba . In this place I stay with my family.This day has a great day.

In the afternoon , I took photos with my sisters.Later, I played football with my friends in the stadium of Malabo.

At night, I had dinner with my family and then I watched TV with my parents.
Then, I went to bed.

Resultado de imagen de africaResultado de imagen de guinea ecuatorial lubaImagen relacionada

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Have you ever been to Barcelona?

Barcelona is my favorite city. It is the largest city in Spain and the most visited by tourists, both Spanish and foreign. It has many things to do and very different. To me what I liked the most is the port and the countryside FCBARCELONA, then its theatres which are the Trivori theatre, Great Liceum theatre, located in La Rambla, the Coliseum.
I also liked its monuments that are Gaudi, the Holy Family, the Barcelona town hall, the Park Güell, the monastery of Pedralbes and the Cathedral. I look forward to returning to that city and continuing to know their places.

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