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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Marcos Padron Kayak


 Resultado de imagen de kayak
It is distinguished from canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle. The word kayak originates from the Greenlandic lenguage. The kayak is small and narrow watercraft. When I was in four of primary I went to excursion to Zuatza and there I ride in a kayak.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Have you ever been to Liverpool?

Resultado de imagen de liverpool ciudad
Two years ago I went to Liverpool with my brother and my cousin. It was my favourite trip of my life.
Liverpool is a vintage city with a wonderful history. It is the city of the Beatles, one of the most famous bands in the world. I visited the Beatles museum, I saw the glasses of John Lennon, the piano of Imagine song.
Liverpool has got a beautiful and delicious gastronomy. I visited the Anfield stadium. It was great. The only thing that I don't like was the transport, it is so crazy. My favourite food of Liverpool was the pizza of Albert dock. Albert dock is an ancient dock with a very interesting history.
Anyway, Liverpool is marvellous and great.




I went to England two years ago with my family. England is beautiful and wonderful.
It is more extensive than Italy. In the morning, I went to visit the Victoria and Albert Musem. This museum is very big and there are many squares. This experience was very interesting and amazing.

Later I went to a coffee shop with my mum and my cousin. I finished the day, I went back home and I had dinner and I went to sleep.

On the second day, I went to Buckingham Palace. In my opinion the palace is not very pretty for me.
Later, I went to the park with my little cousin.

This trip has been  a very nice and exciting experience. The most of like it is the museum because I like the art. And the best moment is when I was with my family.

My adventure trip to New York

My adventure trip to a country.

When I travelled to New York with my family and my dog I was very nervous and excited because I was waiting for this moment all my life.
Getting off the plane, I took all things and we went to the floor to rent my mother for a month. I was practicing a little English but it was not very good.
There we went to have dinner at a restaurant and there served the typical food that were grilled steaks, tacos,etc... I liked a lot because they were very rich.
To me what I like New York is that there are many lights at night and it is nice and romantic and what I like least is that there is a lot of dirt and it is very dangerous.
On that trip I could see my friend's child Alvaro, he is from Ecuador just like me but I came to Spain(Pamplona) and he, a few months later, went to New York.
Also I saw a beautiful park whre there were plants and flowers that I have never seen.
Also I love my neighbor Samir, he is very handsome with brown eyes and brown hair, he was my same age.
One day we were in the Park and just across the bridge with a few locks we put our names and engaged it there but the bad thing is that my uncle had an accident and had to leave before to Pamplona and the goodbye was very sad.



I went to Morocco in 2012. I went by caravan and crossed
the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry. I went with my family and friends.
We visited many places. We went from a camping site to another.
I can't remember many names of those places but I remember this names: Tanger and Marrakech. That trip helped me think because I saw many children have a hard life and made me think about.
The first day I arrived we went in a bar and saw a man hit another with a pot on his head, I was scared a lot. A person told me they did this because were nervous, because it was Ramadan time.
I would go again to those places.

Have you ever been to Paris?

                                     My trip to París

 Resultado de imagen de paris disneyland Paris

I went to Paris on 21 of August in 2015. I flew over the Eiffel Tower.
I went by bus to Disneyland Paris, it has an amzing show and a lot of attractions too.
My favourite attraction is the Space Mountain  and I hate the Buzz Light Year attraction.
One Wednesday we spent the time going to a lot of attactions. Later we saw the carriage and the parade of the Mickey Mouse Show, the part of the film of Antmant. 
At night we saw a very funny show in the Disney Land castle, then we went to the hotel because we were tired.
On Thursday we went to Disney Studios and we saw the statue of Disney's founder with Mickey Mouse. That day was raining , but we spent time going to the most powerful attractions like "Guitar Mountain" or "Ratattouille". Finally we had dinner in a decorated restaurant similar to Agrabah, the city where Aladdin was born.
On Friday, after we had breakfast, we went to Disneyland Show, a Frozen's carriage (Anna and Elsa).
At night we saw a very funny show with horses and they formed some teams (red, green, blue and yellow), we were from the green team.
The last day we went to Dineyland for the last time we went to the Free Fall, like an elevator. 
We went to the airport and we played cards while we were waiting for the plane.
I enjoyed so much that I would like to return another time.


Have you ever tried skateboarding?

In my childhood I started going skateboarding with my friend, in my city or in the skatepark of Antoniotti.

I practiced skateboarding for 3 years and I gave up because this extreme sport is very difficult.

I love this extreme sports because it is very beautiful and you get adrenaline with new tricks.

Resultado de imagen de skateboard trucos
Resultado de imagen de skateboard trucos

the best skater at the moment is Kilian Martin.

Kilian Martin is from Madrid, he is 23 years old, he started skateboarding with 16 years.

Resultado de imagen de kilian martin


Saturday, December 3, 2016

My first mobile phone and how I changed



My first mobile phone was the Samsung Galaxy Mini. It was very small and only used to talk, play games and listen to music.
The most used applications in my first mobile phone were Whatsapp, YouTube, play store and Tuenti. The price was 59 euros.
The fuctions that this cell had are the navigation on the internet. the location, the radio, the GB, the memory and the number of applications that allow you to download music and games.

How mobile phones and my self changed

             How mobile phones and my self changed.

The best friend of my aunt gave me a new mobile phone last year,when I went on holiday to a village Huercal Overa in Almería with my aunt and my brother.
The friend of my aunt's name is Jose and he is very nice.I travelled by car about six hours. Upon arrival we had dinner and went to sleep. Back from the beach Jose asked my number whatsapp because it was to go to Huercal Overa again but I told him that I had no mobile.
Jose gave me the mobile because one was broken the screen and another that did not use it.
Mobile was one of Samsung and another chinese brand.
The more I liked was the brand china because it was more big and took good photos but I dropped and the screen broke I and could write, how just use the samsung.
This phone is Ok because I use to social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp.
At Christmas my mother said that my I will have the one I like because she promised since she could not buy it before.
I liked a new  Iphone,It is great. But my mother not buy this mobile because it cost a lot.

How my mobile and myself changed Marcos Padron


 My First Mobile Phone                           


Resultado de imagen de samsung galaxy mini 2My first mobile phone are Samsung Galaxy Mini II.
I have my first mobile at twelve years old at Christmas.
It was small and the most used apps are whatsapp, google chrome, youtube, instagram and video games. The price of mobile was from 51$ to 145$. My old mobile are many functions: the memory was 512 MB RAM, had wifi and radio or MP3. The advantages they are: was small and compact. And disadvantages are: the wifi was very slowly.

My mobile phone and myself

 Resultado de imagen de alcatel pixi 4
My first mobile phone had a white keyboard and chatted with my parents and I called when to pick me up at Anaitasuna. I also used it to take photographs and meet my friends.

I had little person and liked to play football start the match nothing stopped. I was the tallest in my team and quite stronger.

My new mobile is Alcatel pixi 4 I give for my birthday on 16 August. I use to meet my friends, watch the videos and play a lots of games : Clash Royale.
A social networking : Instragram.

Friday, December 2, 2016

How my mobile and I changed

             my collecion of mobile

My first cell phone was given to me by my father when I was 12 years old, I did not use it much since I could only call, take pictures and send messages. the cell phone was Nokia  with keyboards and black

Resultado de imagen para NOKIA

My second cell phone was given to me by my mother at age 13, I liked it more because I had more applications and it was tactile its color was blue, the applications I used to use were google, youtube, whatsapp, facebook and the camera. This phone only lasted five months, because when I was ruined it fell down and got wet by the rain

The last mobile is a gift gave by my mother when I turned 15 years old this is HUAWEI brand and pink the applications that used and that are useful are: whatsapp, google and youtube also use the camera, play music, Twiiter and gmail


                          Have you ever tried downhill
                      mountain biking?


  This is my bike. It is a 360 btt bike. It is really good for me to do this extreme sport.
Resultado de imagen de decathlon 360 mtb

   BTT is a exciting sport because you can go very fast and I like the speed but at the same time it is very risky. If you are going to do this sport you must have a good equipment because if you fall down from the bike, it is dangerous if you don´t wear  protections so better if you wear them.
 I usually go to a mountain near  Zizur or to the Perdon or San Cristobal mountains because it is exciting to go down the hills.
If you have a good bike you can practise better BTT exercices because it is more adapted to the hill paths.
I like doing down hills because when I was younger I saw some videos and I liked it, and that´s why I began practising down hills. Once I fell down and I hurt myself  quite a lot but I stood up and I got on the bike and I went on down the hill.
Some years later,  I bought a better bike and I began to do proffesional down hill mountain biking.



Europe park
I went to Germany in 2015. I went by plane , with my family and friends. There we rent a car. 
Alianz arena 
We visited many places: Alianz arena, Wall of Berlin, Munich, Lindau, Europe park, Dourtmund...
When we went to Europe park I rode in a attracion and I'm very scared because it was very high.I ate a lot of delicious sausages.

Monday, November 14, 2016

How my mobile phones and I changed


How mobile phone  and myself changed

-When you started to use a mobile phone and what for?

         I started to use my first mobile with eleven, when I started first in that, at first it seemed a pretty good, but then time passed by and I saw it was not so good.
         My first phone was a Samsung. It was simple and I could only call and play. And then I changed for an LG. This helped me to send messages by WhatsApp and games had little ability.
         Then I stole and I changed to Sony that was like the LG.My phone is a pretty good Huawei now. I use it to call me to send messages outside home and it has plenty of storage.

-What apps and devices were you using with it?

The applications I used were Whattsapp and one or two games with my first mobile. The Samsung had little capacity.
Then I bought my LG. It had more storage site to have more applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram or Snapchat and one or two more games.
Later a Sony mobile phone had more things such as Whatsapp, Instagram or Snapchat and three or four games that do not take much storage. 
And finally Huawei in this me come many things such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Ask five or six games.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

How mobile phones and myself changed

My first mobile phone was a pay as you go mobile phone. My  aunt gave it to me in my birthday as a gift. That mobile phone only had bluetooth. I only could phone. I used it to phone to my mother and my friends . It didn't have any apps.

Resultado de imagen de mobile phones
 My actual mobile phone: I bought it one year ago. It is much bigger than my first mobile phone and it has a touch screen, it hasn't got any key except the central one. Now I use this mobile phone to call, play games and more things like logging on Whatsapp and Twitter.
My favourite apps are Whatsapp and Twitter. I use this apps very much.



my first mobile phone was Smart 4 turbo
Resultado de imagen de smart 4 turbo

I started using a mobile phone when I was 12 years old and helped only to call and then I bought another mobile to chat with my friends.

I like my phone because I like to talk to my friends at social net working site for example my favourite apps are Whatsapp , Facebook , Snapchat...etc.
My phone is big.

How my mobile phone and mysel changed


My first mobile pone was a Samsung C3590. I used to call my friends and meet them on Saturdays.
It was red and black.

Now I have a Huawei p9. It is a very good mobile phone. I can take very good photos ,I have apps like Whatsapp,Instagram.......

One of my favourites things that I have in my phone is the camera, it is really a good camera, it takes very good photos.

My favourite App on my phone is Instagram.

How the mobile phones and myself changed

Resultado de imagen de bq phone
How the mobile phones and myself changed

When you started to use a mobile phone and what for.

My first mobile phone was at the age of twelve but until then I was looking forward to having one.
I saw people with their own mobile phone and everything that they could do.

They surfed in the net, chatted with their friends, looked up words in the integrated dictionary, listened to music and many other things.

So having a mobile phone was my everything and two years ago I had my first Smart mobile phone, It was a very old Samsung.

What apps and devices were you using with it.

-I used WhatsApp, Play Store, Instagram and some games that I had downloaded in Play Store, the best app, for me , I downloaded Clash Royale, Clash of Clans ......

What you have got now and what you use them for.

-Now I have a BQ, it is a very good mobile phone, I think, because it works very well and it has a very good camera for taking photos, making videos in slow motion, time lapse o in a normal mode.

  This mobile phone, It is used to call mates up, chat with them and play some games that I mentioned before.

I use it as well to listen to music that I download first with Peggo.

Peggo is an app that it is designed for downloading and listening to music

What the best apps and devices are for me.

-For me, the best apps that I know are:



 -Play Store-




How my mobile phone and myself changed

In my childhood I didn`t use a mobile phone. I enjoyed playing in the park with my friends. 

I started using a mobile phone with 10 years.
Resultado de imagen de galaxy miniMy first mobile phone was a Samsung Galaxy Mini, I used whatsapp, different games and I talked to my dad and mum. 

 In my life I have had different mobile phones ,because I'm a disaster. I lose or break my mobile phones.

My actual phone is a Huawei G play mini.

Resultado de imagen de huawei g play grande

I use the phone to listen to music, communicate with my family or my friends, I use different apps: I use Whatsapp,  Instagram,  different social net working, lots of games and take photos... before I didn`t use many apps.

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